Restoring missing menu items on iPod

Q: My “Artists” menu – the one that automatically comes loaded on iPod – has vanished, and I can’t seem to get it back. It’s really a pain to have to scroll through “Song” titles rather then “Artist” names – is there a way to get it back!?

– Monica

A: Of course! First of all, the “Artists” menu item that you used to have on your iPod’s top-level menu isn’t the only place it occurs: check under the “Music” heading to find an alternate way to browse in this manner.

To restore the “Artists” menu to the iPod’s top-level menu choices, simply choose the “Main Menu” controls from your iPod’s “Settings” menu.

If neither of these options works for any reason (they should), you can always restore your iPod to its original condition using the latest iPod Software Updater from Apple.

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