Q: I bought songs on my iPod, and they were downloading fine, but then they stopped downloading and haven’t been able to get them to restart. Now I can’t find my purchased songs and I’m still getting charged. Where can I find my purchases?

– Claire

A: When you purchase songs from the iTunes Store, whether directly on your computer or on your iPhone or iPod touch, these are queued up on the iTunes Store until you have actually finished downloading them, and iTunes will normally re-download these items again the next time you purchase something or check for downloads on your computer.

The iPhone and iPod touch are a bit of a special case here, however, in that they do not offer the ability to retry or restart interrupted downloads. If a set of downloads fails to complete on your iPhone or iPod touch, you instead have to go back to your main computer and download these tracks from there.

In this case, retrieving these tracks is generally as simple as going into your iTunes application and choosing Store, Check for Purchases from the iTunes menu. iTunes will prompt you to log in to your iTunes Store account, check for any purchased content that has not finished downloading and download it directly to your computer.

This same feature also applies when purchasing albums through the iTunes WiFi Store which contain bonus videos and digital booklets. These will not be downloaded to your iPhone or iPod touch directly, but will be available in the iTunes Store for download to your computer the next time you check for purchases.




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