Retaining older Calendar entries on iOS

Q: Is there a way to not have my calendar entries delete from my calendar on my iPad and iPhone. I would like them to stay until I delete them. Sometimes I need to check past events 2 years or more back.

In the Palm OS days I had more control over my calendar retention. In addition to the basic calendar I also use Pocket Informant.

Retaining older Calendar entries on iOS

– Denise

A: By default, the iOS Calendars app only synchronizes and retains the last months’ worth of events on your device, regardless of how much data is stored in whatever cloud or desktop calendar application you’re synchronizing with.

This can easily be changed with a quick trip to the Settings app, however; under the Mail, Contacts, Calendars section there is an option near the bottom to set how much of your calendar data you want synchronized and retained on your device, with options for two weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or everything regardless of how old.

In this case, simply set the option to All Events on both your iPhone and iPad. Not only will this prevent older entries from being removed from your device going forward, but your device will actually transferred them back into your calendar from your cloud or desktop calendar application—providing that they’re still available there, of course.