Reverting to former iPod software updaters

Q: I recently upgraded my iPod to the latest iPod Software Updater (2006-06-28), but I’m beginning to regret it: I’m getting bugs I haven’t seen before, and many of them are well-documented on the web. The problem is that I can’t find previous iPod Software Updaters anywhere online. Do you have a good source for these?

– Dave

A: Sure. A group of iPod modification enthusiasts at have compiled an archive of former iPod Software updaters at their iPod Updaters Archive webpage. They maintain a far more comprehensive list of Windows updaters than Mac, however.

Be aware of two facts before you attempt retrograding your iPod’s software: First, you’ll only be able to “Restore” your iPod, wiping it entirely clean in the process. Second, depending on which version you revert to, you may lose important functionality, whether minor (a volume limiter or security lock) or major (the ability to play certain files purchased from the iTunes Music Store).

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