Ripping and splitting DVD-A audio tracks

Q: I “ripped” a DVD-A disc using iTunes. It is now a 53-minute long track. I read somewhere that long tracks should be broken up into multiple shorter tracks in order to save wear and tear on the iPod.

The website did not provide information on how to do this.

Any suggestions on how to break up this long track before loading it onto my iPod? I have a Windows system.

– Silvio

A: While Apple says that long files (or, more correctly large files), will use more battery life, they will not, in any way, cause “wear and tear.” The only difference is that the iPod will read the file a bit more often than smaller files.

But even this is not a problem, since it only reads part of the file into its buffer.

We have many files that are longer than that, and have never had any problems with the files or our iPods.

However, if you want to split files, one good program that you can use is Audacity, which is both free and multi-platform.