Safari problems on iPod touch

Q: I recently got an iPod touch and yesterday Safari stopped working. I initially thought it might be the Wi-Fi connection, however all of the other apps that use Wi-Fi are still working. The last page I was on remained loading, and after I opened a blank tab and closed that one, it just stayed blank.

I tried to open Google but it’s stuck on eternal load. Any ideas?

Safari problems on iPod touch

– Jane

A: If your connection is working in other applications, then it’s likely that Safari itself has a problem with a page load in progress or something that is stuck in the actual cache. Note that the Safari application essentially remains loaded even when you are using other applications, so you may want to try forcing it to quit completely by going into the Safari application and holding down the HOME button on the iPod touch for about eight seconds.

This should cause the Safari application to unload completely and return you to the main Home screen.

You can also try resetting your iPod touch by holding down the HOME and SLEEP/WAKE buttons simultaneously for about five to ten seconds until you see the Apple logo appear.

If you are still having problems after this, you should also try clearing the Safari browser cache itself.