Saved photos on iPod touch

Q: I recently updated my iPod touch to the new v2.0 firmware, and now when I connect it to my computer, iPhoto pops up and sees it as a camera. Does the iPod touch actually have a camera in it now?  I can’t seem to find one, and there are never any pictures available to download from the device itself.

– Rob

Saved photos on iPod touch

A: The iPod touch does not include a camera, but with the release of the v2.0 iPod touch firmware, you now have the ability to save photos onto your device from other applications.

For example, tapping on a photo in an e-mail message or holding your finger on a web page photo will bring up an option to save that particular photo onto your device. Likewise, you can take screenshots by pressing the HOME and SLEEP/WAKE buttons simultaneously.

All of these photos get saved into a “Saved Photos” section under your “Photos” app on the iPod touch:

Note, however, that this “Saved Photos” section only appears when you actually have some saved photos.

You can browse and work with these saved photos in the same way as any other photo in your iPod touch library, including e-mailing them out or using them for contacts or wallpaper. However, as an added bonus, the iPod touch now provides the same method for transferring these saved photos to your computer as the iPhone does—the device simply appears as a PTP Camera when you connect it to your computer via a USB port, prompting whatever application you normally have assigned for photo import to start up and offer to import these photos for you.