Saving your place in audio files

Q: I listen to long broadcasts & teaching files on my iPod photo. Is there any way to fast forward to the spot I left when it’s 50 minutes into a 90 minute file that is quicker than the dial arrows?

– Bridget

A: Absolutely. To quickly “scrub” to a precise location in a song that’s pretty far away, tap the center button on the iPod while you’re in the “Now Playing” screen.

The song progress indicator bar will empty, and you’ll see a small diamond that indicates your current position. Simply use the volume wheel to rapidly move that diamond throughout the song. When you’re finished, push the center button again.

Alternatively, you may want to try something more advanced, converting your files into “bookmarkable” format, such that each time you stop a track, your position is remembered. Start it again, and you begin where you left off – automatically. To do this on a PC, convert the song into AAC format, change its extension from “.m4a” to “.m4b,” and re-add the song to your iTunes Library.