Q: I just bought myself a fourth-generation 16GB iPod nano a couple of months ago. Last weekend when my friend and I were getting out of the car she dropped it on the concrete and the glass screen completely cracked so that the LCD screen underneath it is exposed, so much so that the glass completely peeled off. It still works find and I can see the screen, but I’m worried that now that the outer glass shell is gone it may degrade or stop working at some point? Should i look into getting it fixed, have my friend buy me a new one, or just let it be?

– Nathan

A: You should probably look into getting it fixed or replaced at some point, although there’s no harm in continuing to use it until it stops working, or for that matter, giving it to your friend if she is going to pay for the repair or the purchase of a new one anyway. A good case that covers the iPod nano screen could also be helpful in protecting the device from exposure. Keep in mind that since this kind of damage isn’t covered under warranty anyway, there’s no harm in continuing to use it as long as its still working, and you may in fact get enough life out of it to tide you over until a newer model is released.

Essentially, with the screen exposed you’re at a higher risk of dust or moisture getting into the iPod’s internal circuitry and causing future problems. In the very least, it’s possible that the screen is going to eventually fade due to it being more exposed to the elements.


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