Screenshots on iPod touch

Q: I recently found an odd photo of my enter-password screen saved on my iPod touch after it totally hung and refused to reboot. I connected it into my PC and heard a shutter sound.
A few weeks later I found another strange photo of my home screen appearing in my saved photos section.

Is there anything wrong with my iPod touch?

– Mike

A: It sounds like you may have inadvertently triggered the iPod touch screenshot function. If you press both the sleep/wake and home buttons simultaneously, the iPod touch will take a picture of the current screen and store it in your saved photos.

Your screenshot is normally accompanied by a shutter sound, similar to the sound heard when taking a picture with the iPhone camera.

Chances are that these were inadvertently while you were trying to restart your iPod or connect it to your computer, and unless these screenshots are being taken automatically, the presence of these don’t indicate any problems with your iPod touch.