Search feature on 5G iPods

Q: I have a 60 GB video iPod and I am wondering how to put the search program on my iPod. I have seen other video iPods that have this feature and I am wondering why I cannot access it on mine. Do I need to add or configure something on my iPod to enable this feature. It is a nice feature as you can scroll to each letter to search for music, video, or even TV shows. Thanks for you help.

– Sam

A: Unfortunately, this feature cannot be added to the 60GB fifth-generation iPod with video. There were actually two slightly different models of fifth-generation iPod released by Apple. The original fifth-generation iPod, released in September 2005, was available in both 30GB and 60GB models.

In September of 2006, Apple refreshed the fifth-generation iPod lineup with enhanced models that provided increased screen brightness and improved battery life, as well as offering the new Search feature, improved 640 x 480 video playback via the TV output, and gapless playback capabilities, and support for iPod Games. These new models were available in 30GB and 80GB capacities, with the 60GB model being discontinued at that point. These were often referred to as the “5.5G” iPods. With the release of this new lineup, Apple provided most of the new software features to the original 5G iPod models in the form of a firmware update, including support for gapless playback and iPod Games. However, for some reason the Search feature was not provided to the original fifth-generation iPod models, and that remains the case to this day.

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