Search feature on iPod touch

Q: How can I search my music library on my iPod touch? I know how to search the music store, but did Apple remove the search feature for the songs I already have on my iPod touch? I don’t understand why they would do this, if this is the case, as now you can actually type with an on-screen keyboard now instead of trying to “type” with the clickwheel.

– Tyler

A: Unfortunately, the “Search” function, which was introduced with the 2006 Enhanced Fifth-Generation iPod, is not present on the iPod touch or the iPhone.

It’s not really a question of Apple having removed the feature, since the iPod touch uses a completely different operating system from the traditional iPod, but it would appear that the feature has simply not made it to the iPod touch (or iPhone) as of yet.

It is certainly possible that this may be added in a future firmware update for these devices.

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