Sending e-mail attachments from iPhone

Q: How do you attach a file (ie doc, pdf, photo) while you are in the e-mail app on your iPhone? Currently I can’t find a way. Is there an app which allows you to do that? I am aware that you can email pictures directly from the camera roll but only one at a time.

– Sanjay

A: Unfortunately the built-in Mail application on the iPhone does not allow you to browse for attachments from within the app itself. To attach a file to an e-mail message you have to initiate the process from within another third-party app, in much the same way as the Photos app handles this.

Most current apps that allow you to view, store or edit files also provide a method for sending those files out via e-mail. Although the specific methods differ, in all cases the file is sent via some form of Share or E-Mail button in the third-party app itself. Some apps will trigger the built-in Mail app and attach the actual file, while others merely attach a link to an online copy of the file somewhere else.

Regarding Photos, it is also possible to send up to five photos in a single e-mail. Simply go into the built-in Photos app, view an album in thumbnail view and then tap the button in the top-right corner of the screen. You can then select multiple photos to Share via e-mail, copy to the clipboard, or delete.

Sending e-mail attachments from iPhone

Up to five photos may be shared or copied—selecting a sixth photo causes those buttons to be greyed out.


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