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Q: How do you send a photo from the iPhone to another cell phone?

– Colleen

A: Most cell phones that provide “picture messaging” capabilities use a feature known as Multimedia Messaging Services, or MMS for short. Unfortunately, the iPhone does not support MMS, so there is no way to send a picture directly from the iPhone to another cell phone.

You can work around this, however, by using the iPhone’s e-mail feature. Since the iPhone does allow you to send photos via e-mail, and many cellular carriers provide e-mail-to-MMS gateways, you can send a picture to another cellular phone user simply by e-mailing it to the appropriate e-mail address. These addresses normally take the form of the recipients cellular phone number followed by a carrier-specific domain name. For example, to send a message to somebody on the T-Mobile network you could send it as an e-mail to 9175551212 @ A user in our iLounge Discussion Forums has created a helpful post with common MMS gateways for U.S. carriers in the thread How to Send MMS from the iPhone.

Of course, if you’re sending a picture to another iPhone user, or even a user of a device like a Blackberry, Palm or Windows Mobile device, there’s really no need to use MMS at all. Since these devices also support e-mail, you can just send the picture out via e-mail like you normally would, and the recipient should be able to view it through their normal e-mail client on their smartphone.


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