Q: I’ve just upgraded to a 5G 30GB iPod, but I’m keeping my 4GB iPod mini. When installing the latest software, it asks for the serial number of the player, but the window shows the serial number of my iPod mini. If I overwrite this, will the iPod mini stop working? Ideally, I’d like two iTunes libraries on my pc, one for each iPod, for complete independance. Is this possible?

– Rob

A: Have no worries – the only reason Apple’s installation procedure asks for the iPod’s serial number is for registration (warranty) purposes. It’s not required, and what you type here has no bearing on any iPod’s ability to synchronize with iTunes.

In fact, it’s possible to use both the 5G and mini iPods with the same iTunes library, without even having to do anything special—iTunes will know what to do. If you’d like to keep two totally independent iTunes libraries, either set up two independent user accounts in Windows or MacOS X, or use Libra 2 software to manage two independent libraries in a more backhanded way.


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