Setting the poster frame for a video file

Q: Can you change the preview frame of Music Videos? Some of the music videos I’ve encoded show a black screen (presumably taken from before the video starts). I can’t find this setting in Handbrake or iSquint… is this possible to do, or is it an iTunes Music Store-only feature?

– Aaron

A: We’ve covered this before, but the question is a popular one, and the solution is neat:

Although certain encoding programs can set the preview frame when the files are created, this isn’t required – iTunes can do this after the files have already been imported. Simply start the video playing (whether in the album art box, or in a separate window), scroll to the frame you’d like to highlight, and pause the video. Then, right-click on the video frame itself, and choose “Set Poster Frame.”

Setting the poster frame for a video file 2

If you’d prefer the preview frame to not be an actual frame of video, you can change the preview picture exactly as you would for album art.