Setting the Thumbnail Image for an iTunes Video

Q: Is there a way to change the thumbnail images for videos in iTunes 6? I want to be able to choose the screen that it is showing for all of my “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” episodes.

– Danny

A: As a matter of fact, you can – and you can do so using several different methods.

First, you can change the thumbnail image of any video as if it were standard album art. For instance, you can drag any image into the “Album Art” box in iTunes’ main window while the video is selected, or change the Album Art using the “Add” or “Delete” buttons in the “Artwork” tab of the “Get Info” window for each song.

However, there’s an even easier way, provided that the thumbnail image you’d like to use is a frame in the video clip itself. Simply play the video (whether in its own window, or in iTunes’ album art box).