Setting up iPod without installation CD

Q: I just bought a used iPod classic and it didn’t come with the setup CD so my computer won’t let me install iTunes or download a podcast that I subscribe to. This is my first iPod so I have never had one installed in my computer. Any advise?

– Jordan

A: Actually, you shouldn’t need a setup CD. In fact, Apple doesn’t even include these with new iPods anymore. Instead, Apple expects that most users have reasonable Internet access and can download the latest version of iTunes from Since the version of iTunes available for download is frequently newer than whatever is included with the iPod anyway, this ensures that people are using current software as well as helping the environment.

The version of iTunes that you download from Apple is normally all you need to get your iPod going. If you’re having problems installing iTunes on your computer then chances are that something else is causing problems or conflicting with the installation process. Try disabling any background system utilities such as anti-virus and anti-spyware apps while you attempt to install iTunes; you can always re-enable these later once you’ve managed to get iTunes successfully installed.

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