Sharing music between iPods

Q: I wanted to know if I buy an iPod touch and upgrade can I share the music between my old iPod and my new one and can everything being transferred from my old one. Can I have multiple iPods authorized under my iTunes?

– Joyce

A: Absolutely. iTunes treats each iPod you connect as a completely separate device with its own settings for synchronizing your content. Simply connect the new iPod touch, and iTunes will offer to transfer everything in your iTunes library onto the new device—subject to available storage of course.

If you have content stored on your old iPod that is not already in your iTunes library, you will need to transfer that back into iTunes first so that you can transfer it out to your new iPod. Keep in mind that iTunes is intended to be the central repository of your media content with each iPod device as an extension of that core library. If you need to transfer content back from your iPod, check out our guide on Copying Content from your iPod to your Computer for information on how to do this.

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