Q: When in shuffle mode my iPod will get “stuck” on a certain artist or album and then continue to shuffle only after all the tracks in that certain group are finished. Is there a fix for this?

– Joe

A: The most likely cause of this is that you have set your iPod to Shuffle Albums rather than individual songs. In this mode, the iPod will play all of the tracks in a given playlist that are from the same album before randomly moving on to the next album.

To view or change this setting, simply go to the Settings menu on your iPod and select the “Shuffle” option. Pressing the centre button will toggle the Shuffle setting between OFF, SONGS and ALBUMS. Ensure that it is set to SONGS.

On the 2007 and 2008 Click Wheel iPod models, you can also access the shuffle setting from the “Now Playing” screen by pressing the centre button a few times until the OFF/SONGS/ALBUMS menu appears. Use the click wheel to select the appropriate mode and press the centre button to confirm.



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