Q: I like to shuffle play my entire iTunes library and do the same on my iPod.

The problem is those darn Griffin iTrip “tracks.” Loud piercing beeps are not my idea of music. How do I keep the tracks on the iPod, so I can use the iTrip, without hearing them when I shuffle music?

– Edward

A: When you use the Party Shuffle with iTunes, you can select which playlist it uses (or your entire library) as the source. Select all the iTrip tracks, then add something unique to the comments field, such as iTrip. Next, create a smart playlist that selects everything but files with iTrip in the comments; click the Shuffle button at the bottom of the window to set this playlist to play back songs in shuffle mode. Use this as the source for the Party Shuffle.

On the iPod, you can’t exclude these tracks from the Shuffle Songs menu item, but you can use the same smart playlist as a source to listen to your music. Just select that playlist instead of selecting Shuffle Songs; since you’ve clicked the Shuffle button after creating the playlist, the iPod will automatically play it back in shuffle mode.

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