Shuffling music

Q: I would like to be able to play random selections from a playlist. I have categorized my music into playlists and they are quite large, but I can only seem to get the iPod to play the playlist in order (or I can move to a different track manually). Am I missing something easy?

– Ian

A: The solution is to turn on the “Shuffle” feature on the iPod. This may be in different places depending upon the model of iPod that you are using. On the traditional iPod models, the Shuffle option can be found under the Settings menu, and can be set to Off, Albums, or Songs. The newer 2007 iPod classic and iPod nano (video) also provide the ability to toggle the shuffle option on and off from the “Now Playing” screen—simply press the center “Select” button several times until you see the shuffle options appear, and then use the click wheel to select the appropriate one.

On the iPod touch (and iPhone), the shuffle option is set when playing back a set of tracks simply by tapping on the “Now Playing” screen and tapping the shuffle icon that appears at the top-right, beside the progress indicator.


Shuffling music


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