Shuffling On-The-Go Playlists

Q: Is there a way to have songs play in an On The Go playlist in the order selected or will they always play in shuffle mode? I would like to have classical music play all movements in order before moving to the next selection.

– Chris

Shuffling On-The-Go Playlists

A: The On-The-Go playlist works in the same way as any other playlist or selection of music.

It will only shuffle songs if you actually have the “Shuffle” feature on the iPod turned on, so the simple solution to this is just to turn shuffle OFF under Settings, Shuffle and the On-The-Go playlist will then play in sequence.

Note that if you are using a newer-model iPod classic or iPod nano (video), you can also access the Shuffle option from the “Now Playing” screen.

Simply press the centre button three times and then use the clickwheel to select between Off, Songs and Albums for your Shuffle mode.

Shuffling On-The-Go Playlists