Shuffling podcasts

Q: I subscribe to’s “Song of the Day” podcast. I want to be able to hear the songs from that daily podcast in shuffle mode. As it stand now, from the iPod’s Podcast menu, I can only hear one of these songs at a time, which doesn’t make much sense for this format. Any ideas?

– Scott

A: Sure. The easiest way to do this is to create a smart playlist into which the specific podcasts’ episodes will be automatically added. Then, to play the Podcast as if it were a bunch of music files (shuffling, or in sequence), simply play this playlist instead of using the iPod’s Podcast menu.

Here’s how to create such a playlist, for your situation:

Choose “New Smart Playlist…” from iTunes’ “File” menu, and set the following settings:

Shuffling podcasts

Here, the “Album” tag really represents the Podcast title. Enjoy!

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