Skipping audiobooks when shuffling songs

Skipping audiobooks when shuffling songs 1

Q: My iPod categorizes my audiobook chapters and lectures as Songs, so that when I play “Songs” shuffled, I get these lectures on Greek History, or Cell biology interspersed. How can I label these spoken passages so the iPod doesn’t include them in “Songs”?


A: Although traditionally only audiobooks purchased from or the iTunes Store were treated as audiobooks and skipped when shuffling, recent versions of iTunes allow you to select this for any track in your library.

To do so, simply select the track in question, and choose File, Get Info. This will bring up the file properties. Choose the “Options” tab, and you will see the “Skip When Shuffling” checkbox. Select this and click OK.

Skipping audiobooks when shuffling songs 2

You can also adjust this setting for multiple tracks by selecting several tracks prior to choosing the Get Info option. In this case, you will be shown with a multiple item info dialog box, and can choose to set the “Skip when Shuffling” option to “Yes” for all selected tracks.

Skipping audiobooks when shuffling songs 3

Once you’ve set this option, simply retransfer the track(s) to your iPod, either simply by connecting the iPod (if you are using automatic sync), or re-transferring the tracks via drag-and-drop (if you are using manual management).



  1. hello i have a error -69 on my i-pod
    shuffle thinks its a 1st gen
    have resat many times works for a bit then same error thanks alot

  2. My video ipod 30 GB had a nervous breakdown yesterday. It won’t sync to my computer, and when the ipod is turned on it will only go to the Apple logo screen where it stays until it turns itself off a few seconds later. Then, a few second later it turns itself back on. On and off, on and off until it drains the battery and won’t work anymore. So I recharge it and it does the exact same thing– never getting any firther than the Apple logo screen. I’ve tried resetting the player by toggling the hold switch and by depressing the center and top buttons on the wheel dial– with no resolution. Help!!! The player is 10 months old and has been gently used by an adult only.

  3. Okay, so “Manually Manage Music and Videos” only applies to music and videos and not podcasts or games or photos etc. But what about playlists? I can make playlists of music, or playlists of podcasts… are such playlists synchonized between iTunes and iPod or not if “Manually Manage” is checked?

  4. When i try to sync album artwork to my computer it comes up with an unknown error (-50). Can anyone tell me what this is and how do i fix it?

  5. I bought the game phase off of itunes and I have tried to sinc the phase playlist to the game but it won’t work. Is there another way to sinc the playlist and the game?

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