Sleep timer for iTunes

Q: I have the fifth-generation iPod, and I’m wondering if there’s a sleep timer function? I often love to listen to music in bed, and when I doze off I’d like to know that the iPod will soon stop, so as not to drain the battery.

– Dez

A: Yes, iPods have had sleep timers for quite some time, though Apple has placed them in somewhat of an odd place.

Navigate to “Extras -> Clock”, choose any clock you have created, and there you’ll find the “Sleep Timer” option. From then on, it’s entirely intuitive.

We use this feature extensively, and wish it weren’t hidden in a 3rd-tier menu, but at least it’s there!

Note that if you’ve activated an appropriately-sized playlist, it may serve as its own sleep timer. Our “Bedtime” playlist, for example, runs about an hour long.