Smart Cover folio cases for iPad 2


Q: I have an iPad 2 and for weeks now I have been searching for a case to meet my requirements. Recently I followed your first “A” review and bought a SwitchEasy Canvas case but was disappointed with it. These are my requirements but I cannot seem to find all of them combined in a single case: Smart cover compatible (magnetic on off); back and front protection; real leather if possible; ability to work as a stand with at least one position of about 65 degrees and will not fall when I play Infinity Blade nor bounce up and down when I type. I’d also like it to be lightweight and less bulky if possible and have a reasonable price of around $50-60 for non-leather, or $70-80 for leather. Any suggestions?

Smart Cover folio cases for iPad 2

– Costas

A: One case that you may want to take a look at is the Speck MagFolio for iPad 2 (iLounge Rating: B+), which seems like it would meet most, if not all of your requirements. One of our editors in fact uses this case on his older iPad 2 and is quite happy with both the style and flexibility of it.

The standard MagFolio is faux leather and priced at $60, but otherwise provides the Smart Cover capabilities, full body protection and five different viewing angles—four upright positions and one reclined position appropriate for typing. While a genuine leather version, the MagFolio Luxe for iPad 2, is also available, it comes in at a premium price of $100, and thus rated our more limited recommendation simply due to the higher price point; it’s basically otherwise the same case as the standard MagFolio.


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