Software Updater for older 3G iPods

Q:  I have a 3G iPod with the latest iPod software (version 2.2). Is there any chance a new update will come out for older iPods with the features of the new ones like Shuffle Songs or others?

– Andrew

A:  You can always hope, but don’t hold your breath.

Apple did release an update for the iPod mini – a model that, unlike the 3G iPod, has not been discontinued – that provides similar features to the 4G iPods, so there is some precedent for iPod retrofitting on new features. However, some iPod owners might be confused or surprised to update their iPods and find that the menus are all different.

If Apple offers feature and menu updates in the future, hopefully they’ll give users the option to apply only the updates they want.

Kirk McElhearn is the author of several books including iPod & iTunes Garage.