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Q: I’m having problems downloading a photo folder from my pictures to iPod
classic. I changed the order of the photos from the way they were when I loaded them to my pc. The iPod insists on storing them in the original order. I’ve tried deleting them from the iPod and reinstalling, I’ve tried deleting the original folder in my pictures and reinstalling, I’ve tried deleting the iPod photo cache and reinstalling but none of this seems to work. Any suggestions?

– Bob

A: Unfortunately, when iTunes transfers photos to the iPod, it defaults to sorting them chronologically using the date information embedded in the files. The only exception is for Mac users who are using iPhoto to organize their photo collection, in which case the sort order specified in iPhoto will be used.

If you are not using iPhoto, the only way to change the sort order of your photos is to change the internal date/time stamps on the photos themselves. Photo management tools such as Adobe Photoshop Album can do this for you, and there are a number of freeware and shareware tools out there that can also provide this functionality.

More information on how photos are stored on the iPod and how to manage them can be found in our recently-updated Complete Guide to Displaying Photos on the iPod and iPhone.


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