Sorting tracks when importing CDs

Sorting tracks when importing CDs 1

Q: When I import a CD into iTunes the playlist automatically shuffles the songs around from their original order. Then when I burn a CD or listen to my iPod I have no idea of the original order. How do I stop this from happening?

– Kelly

A: The most likely cause of this is that the “Shuffle” setting is turned on somewhere in iTunes, either for the CD import itself or within the playlist that you are creating from the content. This is normally indicated by the “Shuffle” button in the bottom-left corner of the iTunes window. This button will turn blue when shuffle mode is enabled, and remain black if shuffle mode is not enabled.

Sorting tracks when importing CDs 2

This can be enabled on a playlist-by-playlist basis, but iTunes will tend to remember the previous settings for a given playlist or CD. To turn the shuffle setting OFF, simply click the shuffle button, or select “Shuffle” from the Controls menu to toggle the option.

The other possible cause for this is that you may be sorting your CD tracks by a different order than the normal track number. The current sort order is indicated by the blue column heading when viewing a playlist, and if sorting by a field such as the track name, this will naturally not reflect the natural order of the tracks on the CD.


Sorting tracks when importing CDs 3

To solve this, either sort by track number, or return to the manual sort order by clicking on the left-most column heading (the one with no title). When in the natural sort order, you can also manually re-arrange the tracks within a playlist into any order you prefer simply by selecting a track and dragging it up or down in the list (note that you cannot do this for a CD – you will need to import the tracks into a playlist and then adjust the sort order within the playlist itself).



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    Simply extend your main menu by adding the ‘sleep mode’ entry. Can be found at ‘extras/main menu’ or similar – sorry, I’m using the German menu.

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