Storage size of iPod Games

Q: I’m thinking of purchasing some games from the iTunes Store, but I only have an iPod nano and am worried that they may take up too much space. How big are the games?

– Gord

A: Unfortunately, the iPod nano does not support the games that are available from the iTunes Store. These are currently only available for the fifth-generation iPod (5G iPod). Both the original 5G iPod released in October 2005 and the new “Enhanced” 5G iPod released in September 2006 will support the iPod Games, as long as they are running iPod firmware v1.2 or later. You can check your latest firmware version by selecting the About option from the Settings menu on the iPod.

For the 5G iPod owners who are interested in knowing how much space each iPod Game consumes, we have prepared the following table:

A small amount of additional space is taken up for each game to store preferences and game statistics, however this is only a few kilobytes (KB) for each game.

The full set of twelve games will consume approximately 400 MB of space on the iPod.

Note that the pre-loaded games such as Brick, Music Quiz, Parachute and Solitaire do not consume any additional space (nor can they be removed).

GameSize on iPod
Bejeweled28 MB
Cubis 225 MB
Mahjong27 MB
Mini Golf47 MB
Royal Solitaire57 MB
Sudoku38 MB
Tetris17 MB
Texas Hold’em80 MB
Vortex30 MB
Zuma20 MB

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