Storing Audiobooks in proper iTunes library

Q: How can I get audiobooks I’ve imported from CDs to appear in the new Audiobook library in iTunes 7?

– Jason

A: iTunes’ Audiobook library collects all files in your iTunes library that have either an .aa (Audible Audio) or .m4b (iTunes Store “Bookmarkable” AAC files) file extension. To enable your own imports to fall under this category, import them as AAC audio, copy the files out of iTunes, rename them such that their file extension is *.m4b, and add them back into your iTunes library.

Mac users can do this process very easily with the help of the Make Bookmarkable AppleScript at Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes.

For an even better experience with creating your own audiobooks for the iPod, Mac users can use Splasm Software’s Audiobook Builder, which allows you to import your CDs in a very simple interface, tag them, mark them as bookmarkable, and even embed iTunes chapter markers inside, so you can easily navigate chapters.