Switching Apple IDs on FaceTime for Mac

Q: I have just upgraded to Mountain Lion and have read with interest your description about FaceTime. My problem is that on my wife’s iMac I first configured FaceTime with my own ID and now I would like to delete it and setup FaceTime with her Apple ID. However, it seems impossible to delete the account I already created on her iMac and the machine is not allowing me to add her mail address to my Apple ID either. In your article you write that a user can sign off FaceTime or sign in with different Apple ID, but I can’t seem to figure out how I sign in with a new Apple ID to go from my account to my wife’s.

– Pierre

A: You actually can sign out of FaceTime or add additional e-mail addresses, but the option is hidden away in the FaceTime Preferences which are accessed from the FaceTime menu in the same way as for most other OS X apps.

Switching Apple IDs on FaceTime for Mac 2

Once you open the Preferences, the left side of your FaceTime window will show an option to toggle FaceTime on or off, as well as information about the Apple ID you’re signed in with and the e-mail addresses being used for FaceTime.


Switching Apple IDs on FaceTime for Mac 3

From here you can add additional e-mail addresses by clicking the Add Another Email… option or change your Caller ID to use any of your configured e-mail addresses. Most importantly, you can also click on the Account field to access a screen providing options for changing your region or country, viewing your account information or signing out of FaceTime entirely.


Switching Apple IDs on FaceTime for Mac 4

Simply click the “Sign Out” button to sign out of FaceTime, which will return you to the initial sign-in screen that would have been shown the first time you setup FaceTime.


Switching Apple IDs on FaceTime for Mac 5

From here you can sign in with your wife’s Apple ID and password in order to set her up for FaceTime on her iMac.