Sync option missing for Calendars


Q: My husband and I both have iPhones. Under Mail, Contacts, Calendars in Settings he has an option to “Sync (All Events)” under Calendars. However, on my phone this option is missing. We do have iCloud accounts and do not use it to sync. I noticed in one of your question and answer articles one of your readers also stated that they had no sync option, and neither do I, but my husband does on his phone. How do I get that option?

Sync option missing for Calendars

– Sheila

A: The Sync option will only appear in the Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings after you’ve configured an online account for syncing your calendars and they have actually begun syncing to your device. The option doesn’t apply to calendars synced via iTunes, and of course would have no bearing on local calendars stored only on your device.

Even if you have an iCloud account configured on your device, this option will be disabled unless you have enabled the “Calendar” option. The same applies to using a Google or Exchange account.


Sync option missing for Calendars

Note that the Sync option applies to ALL calendars that you are syncing to your device, so if you have both an Exchange and iCloud account configured for calendar sync, for example, only a single setting will appear but will be used for both.

If your husband is also using another type of account, such as an Exchange account for work, then this would explain why he is seeing the sync option. Alternatively, perhaps his iCloud Calendar sync option is enabled.

On the other hand, if you actually do have calendar via iCloud and the option still isn’t appearing, you may want to try toggling the “Calendars” option OFF and back ON in your iCloud Settings to refresh the calendar information.


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