Syncing Apps on new iPod touch

Q: If there are apps and games for my iPod touch on my computer, and I get a new iPod touch will they automatically be synced onto my new iPod touch?

– Rory

Syncing Apps on new iPod touch

A: Essentially, yes. Applications stored in your iTunes library can be synchronized to any number of iPhone or iPod touch devices that are associated with your library. When you first connection your new iPod touch to your computer, iTunes will ask you to name your iPod touch and choose what types of content you would like to sync to it.

In addition to choosing to automatically sync music, videos and photos, you should see an option to automatically sync applications.

This option is selected by default, in which case all of the apps that are presently in your iTunes library will be synced to the iPod touch.

When enabled for synchronization, apps are always synced to your device automatically, even if you are managing your music and video content manually.

There is no “manual mode” for applications, although you can specify which applications you want synced to your device by selecting it in the iTunes Devices list, and then choosing the “Applications” tab from the main panel.


Syncing Apps on new iPod touch

By default, iTunes is set to sync all applications that are in your iTunes library to your iPod touch or iPhone. To select individual applications, simply choose “Selected Applications” and specify which applications you would like to sync.