Syncing different contact info with two iPhones on the same computer


Q: I hope you can help me with this. My husband and I just put both of our iTunes libraries on one computer. Everything is working perfectly except that when we sync our iPhones, it is syncing both of our Yahoo contacts on to each other’s iPhones. So I now have all of my contacts and all of his contacts and the same goes for him. Is there a way to make it so that we are just getting our own contacts on our own phone when we have two iTunes libraries on the same computer. Prior to syncing the phones, we each open our respective iTunes library file. Thanks.

– Sara

A: Unfortunately, when using multiple libraries under the same user account on your computer, the preferences and other settings are still shared between both libraries—only the actual media side of the iTunes library is kept separate. So while you can sync different music, videos and playlists, other settings for things like contacts, calendars and bookmarks will still be shared between both libraries.

The only simple way to solve this is to set up completely separate user accounts on your computer, which will keep your iTunes preferences and other settings separate, including sync settings for your Yahoo contacts. In this scenario, you would each have your own user accounts in your operating system and would log in as your own identity and create and maintain your iTunes libraries separately under each account. Note that you could still share your media content by placing it in a shared folder on your hard drive and having each library reference the same media files, but all other sync settings would be kept completely separate from each other.

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