Syncing existing apps to a new iPad

Q: I am from Greece and yesterday I received a new iPad from the US. I have also an iPhone 3GS which I synchronize with my PC. On my iPhone I have many apps that I purchased from the App Store. My question is if I can synchronize the iPad in the same PC with my iPhone and if the apps I have will be synchronized to the new iPad?


A: The short answer is yes. The iPad works with iTunes in the same manner as your iPhone does for synchronizing apps and other content. In fact, when you first connect your iPad to your computer it will ask you if you want to sync your applications. If you choose this option then all apps that are in your iTunes library will be automatically synced to your iPad.

If you want to choose only a selection of apps to put on your iPad, it’s actually better to not select the option to sync apps during the initial setup. Instead, once the initial setup has completed, you can go to your “Apps” tab in iTunes and choose the specific apps that you want to sync.

Note that iPhone apps are compatible with the iPad, but unless they’re specifically written for the iPad they will display in a smaller iPhone-sized window by default. You can enlarge them to fill the full screen by tapping the “2X” button that appears when running the app, but this effectively “zooms in” on the app rather than taking full advantage of the iPad’s higher screen resolution.

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