Syncing games to iPod

Q: I have just bought the game Phase from the iTunes Store and am extremely frustrated with it. I manually manage my iPod, and I only use iTunes as a program to put songs from my computer into my iPod. After installing the Phase game, I noticed a “Phase Music” playlist in my iTunes. I read from the iTunes instructions that I have to sync the Phase game and the playlist into my iPod. I tried dragging the game and the playlist in iTunes to the iPod icon, but nothing happened. I disconnected the iPod from the computer, and I couldn’t find the game anywhere on it! What in the world am I supposed to do? Can you please help me find a solution to this problem?


A: The issue here is that the “Manual” mode actually only applies to music and video content, as the name implies (“Manually manage music and videos” ). Other types of content, including podcasts, photos, contacts, calendars, and games are always synchronized automatically, regardless of this setting.

To synchronize the Phase game to your iPod, you must enable synchronization of games in the appropriate iPod settings. This can be done by connecting your iPod, and simply selecting the “Games” tab from the iPod settings screen that appears:

Syncing games to iPod

From here, you can simply choose to synchronize either ALL games, or only specific selected games, and then click the “Apply” button. Enabling this option will not affect the manual management of any other types of content (ie, music and videos), nor in fact the sync settings on any other tab within the iPod settings.

Once you click the “Apply” button, iTunes should start a sync operation on the iPod and transfer any selected game(s) to the iPod. Again, this will not synchronize anything else except for the selected content—in this case games only.

In the case of the Phase game, however, there is an additional step, and that is transferring the playlist to the iPod. Fortunately, this can be transferred to the iPod in much the same way as any other playlist would be in manual mode—simply drag-and-drop the playlist to the iPod as you normally would.

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