Syncing iPhone Notes

Q: I am looking for an application that I can use to write notes on my Macbook that will then sync these notes to the Notes app on my iPhone. I currently use Mac Notepad, which is great for jotting down information or addresses but it doesn’t sync with my iPhone so I cant take that info with me. Any suggestions?

– Adam

A: The bad news is that there are presently no third-party apps available that can sync information with the iPhone Notes application, as iPhone developers can’t normally access the data in applications unless Apple specifically allows it through the iPhone SDK. This means that unless you’ve jailbroken your iPhone, it will not be possible to find a third-party app that can read or write the iPhone Notes database.

The good news, however, is that with the iPhone 3.0 OS update, being released next Wednesday (June 17th), iTunes itself will sync your Notes from the iPhone and iPod touch Notes app to the Notes section in Leopard’s Mail app. While this still does not directly solve the problem of using your own notepad application, you may find it worthwhile to switch to the Notes in Apple Mail is this sync capability is important to you. Further, this opens up the possibility of developers syncing with the iPhone Notes indirectly; they can sync with the Apple Mail Notes, which will in turn be synced to the iPhone or iPod touch via iTunes.

Be sure to check out our Complete Guide to iPhone OS 3.0 for some of the new features that are expected to show up in the 3.0 update next week.

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