Q: I have an odd-ball scenario that I simply don’t know about: My old iPod was stolen and I am considering replacing it with an iPod touch. One of my questions is related to syncing with Outlook 2007. I know it will sync, but my problem is that my copy of iTunes (with the music library) is on my home PC while all of the contacts and calendar that I need are on my work laptop. Can you sync an iPod touch with one computer for the media content and another computer for the contacts and calendar? I’m trying to see if I can eliminate an HP iPaq Pocket PC if I get an iPod touch as a replacement instead of just an iPod.

– Greg

A: Actually, you can do this quite easily. The settings on the “Info” tab are handled independently of the Music and Video settings, so you can easily sync your media content from one computer and your contact and calendar info from another.

To do this, simply start by setting up your iPod touch on your primary iTunes computer that contains your media content. Configure all of the settings for Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts and Applications. Do not enable anything on the “Info” tab, which would be where your calendar, contact and bookmark sync settings are specified. Once you’ve set up your iPod touch for your media content and synced it, you can then connect it to iTunes on your work computer and select the “Info” tab to specify your calendar and contact sync settings.

Once this is configured, your iPod touch will automatically sync media content with your home computer and your calendar and contact info with your work computer. Further, you could even set the iPod touch to “manual” mode, which works the same as it does for any other iPod; in this mode your media content is managed manually and you could therefore add content from either computer, but your contact and calendar information will continue to be synced automatically from the last computer you had configured it on (ie, your work computer).


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