Syncing MP3s to an iPod nano

Q: I have been using a website called to get my free MP3 music. I loved it, it works great and I already have my play list done and organized. My question is can I get the free music from that website to be downloaded onto the iPod nano 6th generation? I don’t want to waste $150 on an iPod that I can’t put music on.

– Brannon

A: The iPod nano, as with all iPod models, supports any music that is in the MP3 format, among others. This means that if it’s an MP3 file, you can definitely put it on your iPod nano. You will need to download and install iTunes and import the music into an iTunes library, from which you can then transfer it onto your iPod nano. Note that if you’re using another application for these music files and have already created playlists, you will need to export those playlists in an M3U format and then import them into iTunes separately for them to appear on your iPod nano.

See our Beginners’ Guide to iTunes for more information on how to set all of this up.

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