Syncing music and videos in playlists

Q: We have 200 GBs and growing in our iTunes library of mixed media, audiobooks, music and movies.  We have an iPod mini, and 80 GB & 160 GB iPod classics. To manipulate everything I have set up the 160 GB as manually managed and put the 80 GB & iPod mini on selected playlists.  I can mix media with the manual option, but not with the selected playlists.  I want to be able to mix media (music, audiobooks and movies) on the playlists for long nights on watch but nothing I have tried has worked. Any suggestions?

– Norm

A: Although you can mix media content in individual playlists, you’re generally best to use separate playlists for different types of content. The other key point to remember is that each tab in your sync settings in iTunes is specific to that particular content type: The “Music” tab for music and audiobooks, the “TV Shows” tab for TV Shows, the “Movies” tab for Movies, and so forth.

What this means is that if you have a playlist that contains Movies that you want on your iPod, you must select this playlist from the “Movies” tab and not the “Music” tab. If you have a single playlist that contains both music and movies, then you would need to select it from both sections in your synchronization settings in iTunes; the songs will be transferred based on the playlist being selected on the “Music” tab and the movies would be transferred based on the playlist being selected on the “Movies” tab.

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