Syncing new playlists to iPod nano

Q: I have recently bought an iPod nano, however when I go to playlists on my iPod I do not get the options for Recently Played, Top 25, etc. I only have the playlist which I created myself. How do I enable the option to see these other playlists?

– Aran

Syncing new playlists to iPod nano

Q: Is there a limit on the number of Playlists that can be imported onto an iPod nano? I’ve created several new playlists that don’t appear after I’ve synched. I can add songs to existing playlists, just can’t add new ones.

What do I need to do to add more playlists?

– J.D.

A: In both of your cases, it sounds like you have your iPod nano set to only sync selected playlists. This is the default behaviour when you first set up a new iPod nano with an iTunes library that is larger than the capacity of the iPod. In this case, iTunes will offer to create a selection of music to fit on your iPod, and in doing so will create a new playlist of these tracks and set your iPod to sync only that particular playlist.

Syncing new playlists to iPod nano

Any new playlists you create will need to be selecting in your sync preferences manually before they will appear on your iPod.

You can do this by connecting your iPod, and selecting it from the iTunes source list on the left-hand side of the iTunes window. When you see the iPod “Summary” screen, simply click the “Music” tab at the top to access your music sync preferences:


Syncing new playlists to iPod nano

From here, you can choose either “All songs and playlists” which will sync your entire music library to your iPod, including all playlists that you have created, or “Selected playlists” which will only sync tracks contained with the playlists selected from the list that appears below this option.

With “Selected Playlists” as your current option, simply ensure that you have selected any additional playlists that you also wish to appear on your iPod and click the “Apply” button.