Syncing Recently Added playlist

Q: I have a second-generation iPod nano. I was just wondering how I get the Recently Added playlist to show up on my iPod.

– Lee

A: The “Recently Added” playlist in iTunes is just a normal Smart Playlist, so to get it to appear on your iPod nano, you simply need to select it for synchronization in your iPod sync settings in iTunes. To do this, connect your iPod to your computer and select it in the Devices listing on the left-hand side. You should see a “Summary” screen appear with some tabs across the top. Selecting the “Music” tab will show you the options for synchronizing music playlists, albums and genres to your iPod.

From this screen, you can simply select the “Recently Added” playlist and click the “Apply” button in the bottom left corner to sync your iPod and transfer that playlist. Note that anything in that playlist will be copied to your iPod nano, so you will want to ensure that you have enough space for those extra items, assuming that they’re not already on your iPod to begin with. You can check the size of a playlist in iTunes by selecting the playlist and looking at the bottom of your iTunes window.


Syncing Recently Added playlist

Keep in mind, however, that the size shown here may include items that are already on your iPod nano as a result of being in other playlists. Items are only stored on your iPod once, regardless of how many playlists they’re contained in.


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