Syncing videos to iPod touch

Q: I received an iPod touch for Christmas. I used to have a 30GB video iPod and now I’m using the same iTunes and all my songs are on the new iPod touch but I can’t figure out how to get my movies and new applications on there. When I first hooked my iPod touch up to the computer it automatically created a new playlist for my iPod touch, and if I buy a song off iTunes I have to drag it to that specific playlist for it to be put on my iPod touch. However, my movies are in that playlist too, but they are not showing up on the actual iPod. Any help is appreciated.

Syncing videos to iPod touch

– Trina

A: It sounds like you may want to connect your iPod touch and take a closer look at the synchronization settings for it within iTunes itself to customized your preferences in a bit more detail.

To do this, connect the iPod touch to your computer, select it in the iTunes “Devices” list on the left-hand side of the iTunes window, and you should see a Summary screen appear, with tabs across the top for the different categories of content that you can sync to your iPod touch.

If you have an iTunes library larger than the capacity of your iPod, then when you connect a new iPod, iTunes will offer to automatically create a static playlist of content to fit on your iPod, and automatically set your iPod to only sync that specific playlist. However, this playlist is only set to synchronize under the “Music” options, which means that any videos or other types of content stored in this playlist will not be synchronized to your iPod.

To change these settings, simply look at the appropriate tabs within iTunes while your iPod is connected.

You can select additional playlists for synchronization on the “Music” tab for instance if you want to customize your content further. For instance, selecting the “Purchased” playlist for synchronization would automatically sync all of your purchased tracks to your iPod touch without having to manually add them to your iPod touch playlist.


Syncing videos to iPod touch

To synchronize movies and TV shows to your iPod touch, you must choose the “Movies” and “TV Shows” tabs and configure the appropriate settings from there. TV Shows can be synced either by series or by playlist, while Movies must be selected individually for synchronization to your device. Likewise, the applications which sync to your iPod touch are selected individually from the “Applications” tab.  Once application synchronization is enabled, any new applications you download are automatically added to your iPod touch during the next sync unless you specifically DE-select them for synchronization on the “Applications” tab for your iPod touch within iTunes.