Tagging detailed TV Show data

Q: I’ve noticed that in the latest version of iTunes, you can tag videos as TV shows as well as movies and music videos. However, they do not show up under TV shows on the iPod because the “Show” and “Season” tags are blank, and still uneditable. Is there any way to tag these?

– Danny

A: Unfortunately, from what we know to be available at the time of this writing, you’re out of luck if you’re on Windows.

However, on the Mac, there is a solution that seems to work wonderfully. Lostify, a graphical user interface for the command-line utility called AtomicParsley, allows you to set nearly any video-related field on any MP4 video in your iTunes library.

After installing Lostify, its usage is simple. Copy the file out of the iTunes library, drag it onto the Lostify icon, enter the data you’d like (Show, Season, Episode number, etc.), and add the modified version of the file into iTunes’ library. After synchronizing with the iPod, these modified files properly make use of the iPod’s TV Shows multi-level navigation system. Lately, we’ve been using Lostify even for some items that aren’t TV Shows, simply because we like the additional levels of hierarchy that are only possible in that menu on the iPod.

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