Tagging Music Store videos

Q: How do I properly tag videos that I have added to iTunes from my own prior collection (i.e. those not those purchased from the Music Store)? I’d like to use all the information I can – “Title,” “Artist,” etc. as well as “Season” or “Show” for TV shows I have already.

– Misael

A: Generally speaking, videos can be tagged with information like “Artist,” “Album,” “Song,” etc. in exactly the same manner as is done for music. (It’s generally easier to start by viewing the “Videos” source in “List” mode).

Additionally, a video can have several different classifications that make it easier to sort both in iTunes and on the iPod. Select a video, choose “Get Info,” and select the “Options” tab. Here, you can indicate whether the video clip is a “Movie,” “Music Video.”

However, there’s one significant catch:

“TV Shows” is a special category of video that apparently only Apple can assign. This “Video Kind” pull-down menu will never let you choose “TV Shows” here, although this is how such videos purchased from the iTunes Music Store appear. On a related topic, the TV-specific tags such as “Season” and “Show” don’t appear to be editable by the user at all – either for a user-imported video or on an existing TV Show purchased from iTunes.

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