Tagging tracks just added to the library

Q: Is there a way to alter the tags for a group of MP3 tracks before I import them into my iTunes library, like I can when I’m importing from a CD? I’m having trouble with the “Add to Library…” and “Import…” methods of importing, since when I import untagged tracks, I have to go hunt them down in my library before I can tag them properly, and it’s tedious!

– Anonymous

A: iTunes doesn’t have a “pre-import” editing feature for pre-encoded tracks like it does for importing CD tracks, but that doesn’t mean your problem can’t be easily solved.

To easily locate songs which were just added to the iTunes Library, all you need is a very simple smart playlist which collects these songs together, and sorts them by date, with the most recently added ones at the top. In fact, iTunes’ default installation comes with this playlist (Recently Added) pre-created.

If you’ve deleted it, it’s easy to reproduce. Simply create a new smart playlist by selecting “New Smart Playlist…” from iTunes’ File menu, and configure it as follows:


Tagging tracks just added to the library

Then, each time you import untagged tracks, head straight to this playlist and edit your tracks easily!


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