Tagging TV Shows


Q: I just bought a iPod classic 80 GB and I converted some Family Guy episodes. I was wondering how do I put the episode into a video category or a TV category instead of them always showing up in my movies category. I was also wondering how I could group the episodes into each season, just to keep the iPod menu nice and organzied.

Tagging TV Shows

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A: Most of the video options can be set for a given track directly in iTunes by selecting the video track, choosing File, Get Info and selecting the Video tab:

Tagging TV Shows

From this tab, you can change the category to “TV Show” and fill in information on the Show/series name (ie, “Family Guy”), as well as season number, and episode ID and episode number information. iTunes will then re-categorize the videos as TV Shows, and they will show up in the appropriate location in iTunes and on the iPod.

Once you have categorized items as TV Shows, you will also want to check your iTunes sync settings for your iPod, to ensure that you are transferring the TV Shows and episodes that you wish to have on your iPod.


Tagging TV Shows

It should be noted that iTunes defaults to only transferring unwatched TV shows, based on play count, so anything you’ve already watched will not be transferred to your iPod unless you change this setting. Further, with this setting, shows you watch on your iPod will be automatically removed during the next synchronization with iTunes.

Another important limitation of iTunes 7 is that there is presently no way to change the video settings for multiple items at once—it is a track-by-track process at this point. There are third-party tools that can assist with this process if you have a lot of episodes to tag.

For more information on tagging and organizing video content in iTunes, check out our tutorial, The Complete Guide to Managing iTunes Videos.


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