The Complete Guide to iPad Cases and Protection

As of today, there are five broad categories of iPad cases: shells, play-through cases, sleeves, flip-style cases, and bags—the latter including purses and murses. And there are four different types of film designed to protect the iPad’s screen from scratches, smudges, and other issues. Trust us when we say that we’re literally surrounded by them, as we’ve spent the last month evaluating dozens of different options from developers all over the world, and went through literally all of them in the process of finalizing this article. Our Complete Guide to iPad Cases and Protection is a fast-paced discussion of over 70 different options, quickly providing you with photographs, links to additional information, and the key differentiators that make individual cases and film protectors stand out.

Though we’re not issuing ratings for the time being, what you’ll find in the following six pages are clear opinions on which cases and screen protectors are the best and the worst in the bunch, as we’ve sorted each category individually to spotlight the factors that matter to us and you. Read on for all the details, and check our ever-growing iPad Accessory Gallery as we continue to add new releases to the collection.

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